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Model: Lorelei

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Mangoes in Antigua, Guatemala. 

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Anne Hathaway with The Princess Diaries producer Whitney Houston


Please tell me you knew she was a producer in this movie.


Girl yes, this and the Cheetah Girls.

Didn’t know either of that.

Whitney cared about uplifting young women and mentoring them. Her doing these movies was just an example of how much she cared.

It bothers me how this isn’t promoted, like everything else the world knows about whitney.

^^^^ there you go… Smh.

omg I never knew this, but this has literally put a smile to my face. one of my favourite singers produced one of my favourite films?


I’m feeling some kind of way..

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There is this huge misconception on Tumblr that I’m either:

White, A Woman, A Muslim oan Atheist.

I’m not a Muslim, and I’m not a Christian. I believe in Christianity, I believe that Jesus died for our sins-but that fact doesn’t make me a Christian. I have GOD in my heart and I know that GOD is love, but that doesn’t make me a Christian. I’m no hypocrite, I’m a sinner whose trying to find his way just like everyone else. 

I accept and respect Muslims, Atheist, Bigots, Gay, Lesbian, and Transgender people as people because GOD created them just as he created me. I’m as concerned about the atrocities that take place in Islamic countries like Syria as I am in Christian countries like America. Being a good person means accepting and caring for everyone regardless of who they are or what they believe in. 

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